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Hi there! I’m Raschelle, a wife and mom of two young kids. I’ve been a registered dietitian for over 13 years. In 2011, I graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences. As someone who has struggled with my relationship with food, I can understand the complexity and empathize with your situation.

It’s hard to say exactly when my struggle with my relationship with food and my body started. I remember being so preoccupied with food and having it consume so much of my thoughts. I would weigh myself daily in the morning, which often was a massive dictator of my mood and how I would eat that day. I would attempt to restrict what I was eating, but that would eventually usually lead to overeating or bingeing. Sometimes, I felt out of control and thought, why can’t I have more willpower?

I had difficulty listening to and respecting my hunger and fullness cues. There were times when I didn’t even experience hunger cues. My poor relationship with food and my body affected my studies, relationships, self-esteem, career, and hobbies. There were times when I didn’t want to attend a celebration because I knew food would be involved. Have you ever felt the need to skip a celebration because you’re stressed around food?

It became challenging to enjoy meals with friends and family due to my anxiety and stress around food. I felt I needed to exercise to burn off the food I was eating. I would continue going to the gym even when injured or sick. 

My journey has led me to a place of peace with food and my body, and it’s a place I want to help you reach too. I can now have my favourite foods in the house without them dominating my thoughts. I’ve learned to respect my body’s hunger and fullness cues, and I can now enjoy meals with my loved ones without anxiety. My struggle with food and my body has sparked a deep passion within me to help others. 


Improving your relationship with food is a journey. Society, your upbringing, or other factors may contribute to some preconceived notions of what you believe a healthy diet is. Perhaps you’ve tried multiple diets, lost weight, and had difficulty maintaining the weight loss. Maybe you have found yourself in the diet and binge cycle over and over again. Being stuck in this perpetual downward cycle negatively affects your emotional and physical health.  

Many of my clients deal with digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, or bloating. I help you work through these struggles as we repair your relationship with food.  


You are capable of overcoming your struggles and getting to a place where you are at peace with food. You can enjoy meals with friends and family. It is possible to have your favourite foods in the house and not feel out of control or guilty when eating them.

You deserve to have more energy to enjoy life and pursue your dreams. To focus more on your family, career, friendships, and other aspects of your life. Food does not need to consume so much of your time and thoughts. You are deserving of so much more!

Diets fail. People don't. With the proper support and guidance you can improve your relationship with food and your body, breaking free from the dieting cycle.
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